The 15 minute/day Academic writing challenge

Schrijven heeft oefening nodig en daarom heeft Jo Van Every deze ‘15 Minute Writing Challenge‘ gecreëerd:

“This challenge is for anyone who is struggling to do any research and scholarly writing during teaching terms. (…) It is also useful for those who are finding some time to write but not enough to build any momentum. Maybe you write once a week, or find a day or two a few times a term. But each time you come back to your writing you have to find your way back in. You are making progress but it feels really slow. You can use the 15 minute challenge to connect those longer, but less frequent, writing sessions.”

The thesis whisperer

The Thesis Whisperer

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Mijn phd thesis

Onder Mijn PhD Thesis kun je meer info vinden over alles wat te maken heeft met het PhD proces, onderzoeksvaardigheden en (natuurlijk) persoonlijke ontwikkeling tijdens het PhD proces. Zo vind je er praktische tips maar ook allerlei interessante links naar (kranten)artikelen en relevante literatuur, websites en video’s.

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Aanbevolen literatuur


over schrijven

Inger Mewburn (2018) How to Fix Your Academix Writing Trouble – A Practical Guide

Wendy Laura Belcher (2019) Writing Your Journal Article in Twelve Weeks – A Guide to Academic Publishing Success

over presenteren

Simon Sinek (2011) Start With Why – How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action

Irenee Daly (2014) 53 Interesting Ways to Communicate Your Research

over onderwijzen

Therese Huston (2012) Teaching What You Don’t Know

Brené Brown (2018) Dare to Lead


Roger Fisher & William Ury (2012) Getting to Yes

Kory Kogan (2015) Project Management for the Unofficial Project Manager


over focus

Cal Newport (2016) Deep work – Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World

Chip and Dan Heath (2004) How to Make Better Decisions

persoonlijke ontwikkeling

Carol Dweck (2017) Mindset

Marshall Goldsmith (2016) Triggers – Creating behavior that lasts, becoming the person you want to be