“Non scholae, sed vitae”

Art by Marthe Röling, at the entrance of the Harmoniecomplex University of Groningen (after Seneca)

Every good school teaches about life, and this is exactly why I founded Progress your PhD. I want to help every PhD student become aware that personal growth is essential to academic excellence and a rich personal life.

During your PhD, Progress your PhD is your professional sparring partner, who engages in objective and independent conversation with you. You receive counselling founded in experience and expertise. I continuously develop my counselling from a place of passion.

My name is Tjitske Dijkstra and I’m your Academic Career Coach. I’m a breath of fresh air, a force of motivation, a person to fall back on.

With my experience and expertise, I:

    • counsel students in writing their thesis @ Scriptiewijzer
    • coach students towards and young professionals during their career @ Academic Career Coach
    • teach supervisors how to guide their students @ Academic Career Coach
    • am a lecturer @ RUG Honours College
    • coach starting entrepreneurs @ VentureLab International North