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Writing a PhD is one of the greatest ways to get to know your passion, increase your knowledge, and grow as a person. Your project is not only important for you, it will also be a valuable addition to your field of research.

After having worked on your PhD for a few months, difficult questions start popping up, needing to be addressed. How do I interact with my promotor? How do I deal with the pressure to perform? What if my experiments go wrong? How will I finish my project in time? How do I balance my PhD and my social life?

Although these questions are sure to surface during your PhD project, the university offers little support in this respect. The university focuses on your academic development, but as a PhD student you need to grow both academically and personally.

Progress your Phd is created to help you develop your own role during your phd process.

This is why Progress your PhD specifically supports your personal development, serving a complementary function to the university. Progress your PhD focuses on encouraging you to find your own role in the process and supporting your development of them. You will learn to take ownership of your process. Your PhD project will become more effective and personal, so that you can more aptly address different issues. On top of that, your PhD project will also become a lot more enjoyable once you find this ownership!

Progress your Phd – Method

We know from experience that PhD students often encounter the following problems during their PhD project:

NB: More info on all these themes can be found on the Tips page and on the secure area of this website.


Progress your PhD can help you to tackle these or other problems effectively by targeting two main points:

      1. Creating awareness
      2. Taking ownership

1. Creating awareness:

This process of awareness will be a red thread in your counselling. By repeatedly drawing attention to it, you will get a better look at your role in the process and be able to grow into that role. In other words: creating awareness will help you address issues you encounter. This, in turn, boosts your confidence in a good final result.

2. Taking ownership:

You take ownership by turning the direction you want to take into concrete steps. You are encouraged to be active and independent, so that you can take the lead in your own learning trajectory. In our feedback sessions, we talk about this, and you are challenged to take responsibility for your own results. Being assertive will make it easier to make the necessary steps, so that you can create your own success.



All of the questions, problems, and other matters that you encounter while writing your PhD are part of the process. The counselling offered by Progress your PhD will help structure your project and address these matters. Progress your PhD helps you build a good strategy and constantly offers support, so that you can become the expert in your field.

The results of this counselling are that you experience less stress and increased focus on a concrete goal. Having grown personally during your PhD project, you will be well equipped to face your (academic) career with confidence and resilience. Writing a PhD is more than just successful experiments. You also need to focus on your personal development which will make you more confident inside and outside your PhD, and which will stay with you for years to come. Progress your PhD is made to help you achieve this goal.

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Progress your PhD is part of buro dijkstra. Buro dijkstra’s mission is to help students and young professionals take the next step in their personal development and/or career. Are you looking to make more of your career, just like you made more of your PhD with Progress your PhD? Find more info on how buro dijkstra can help you on the website.

(About Scriptiewijzer) She gives thorough feedback on both the contents and the structure of your thesis, and knows exactly how to summarise and synthesise. Tjitske takes plenty of time to work with you and can easily be contacted through email or skype. She gives great support when you’re writing your thesis!

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(About Scriptiewijzer) The reason for approaching Tjitske was to get external coaching in this process, for which the mentor needed knowledge of the process on itself, fulfil the role of discussion partner, and keep me on the right track. Tjitske did all of this with conviction, and was a beacon for me during the difficult moments.

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(About Scriptiewijzer) If you need coaching and support while you are writing your thesis, I would recommend Scriptiewijzer! The coaching is very individualised, so that you get the right support for your personality and thesis topic. Tjitske’s help allowed me to successfully complete my thesis – it was a pleasant collaboration that taught me a lot.

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